• VERTEX EDUCATION is an educational platform for students to prepare for their board exams and to get admission in IITs, Other Engg. & Medical Colleges without stress & strain along with huge success in IIT-JEE. A comprehensive program taking care of all aspects of the preparation – entrusted on dedicated Teacher of VERTEX EDUCATION. Launch of VERTEX EDUCATION in Dewas is a concentrated effort in that direction, where students will be trained through methodologies and practices that are truly world class. We have a very humble beginning as an institute for CBSE student, IIT-JEE, other Engg. & Medical Entrance Exams with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for serious aspirants. We actually have started to make a difference in the way student’s think and approach problems. We develop ways to enhance Student’s IQ level. We intend to leave an indelible mark on the students. Beyond IIT-JEE/ AIPMT and embark on a mission to provide wholesome coaching education to students through VERTEX EDUCATION.
  • To create a Coaching system that is truly complete in itself Providing wholesome education & preparing students for life long excellence. Giving a platform to students for global careers also. And making education a completely enjoyable process by eliminating stress out of the child’s life.
    To create success for students in various competitve & scholastic exams in India e.g. C.B.S.E Board / National Science Olympiads / IIT-JEE etc. and finally enable students to secure admission in prestigious colleges / Universities. To prepare students for admission into colleges/institutes/universities ahead of IITs in the world Rankings.

Programs Available For Students of Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII, IIT JEE

Our Achievers

who rejected the rejections and made us proud